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Charting a Course Through Metals & Mining Investments

Empowering Growth Through Institutional Research, Strategic Advisory and Active Investments in the Midcap/Junior Mining Sector.

HoldCo Markets Advisory Inc. (HoldCo Markets) is a growth oriented investor/advisor. Our hands-on team and global reach offers tailored institutional solutions for investing in and navigating through the  midcap/junior mining sector.

About Us

We are a specialized investment management firm focusing on the metals & mining space. Being a private family office, we are active investors, advisors and market participants in the junior/mid-cap mining and broader natural resources sector.



Research is at the heart of what we do. As part of the due diligence process, the development of operational/ financial forecasts coupled with ongoing dialogue with management and site visits is paramount to our evaluation process.

Private Capital

Since 2013, HoldCo Markets has built a remarkable record of identifying opportunities, conducting due diligence and providing capital accordingly. Our unconstrained approach has us active in liquid investments, privates and bulk commodities. 

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Gain some perspective: Tailored solutions for investing in and navigating through the  midcap/junior mining sector

Mining Plant

Get in touch with us for personalized research solutions and institutional advisory 

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